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  • Combi Sets of Flavoured Sea Salts

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Combi Sets of Flavoured Sea Salts

Our combi sets are a great introduction to the huge versatility and creativity of salt in cooking. Treat yourself or the food lover in your life by choosing one of our sets of three. The Original Combination contains our signature crunchy Sea Salt Crystals, Sea Salt and Luxury Pepper and our tasty Smoked Sea Salt. Alternatively, for more spice in your life, the Chilli Combi set gives you our Chill Sea Salt, the sweetness of Onion Sea Salt and the mellowness of Garlic Sea Salt. FInally, be on trend for the biggest new superfood and opt for our Seaweed Seasonings: dried Savoury Seaweed Flakes, Fiery Sea Pepper and our classic Seaweed Sea Salt.

Salty Essentials Combi Set Salty Essentials Combi Set


Seaweed Seasoning Set Seaweed Seasoning Set


Punchy Seasoning Combi Set Punchy Seasoning Combi Set