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Sea Salt will benefit your body

There are healthy and unhealthy ways to consume salt. Here are a few things you need to know to be able to celebrate the taste and essential health benefits of sea salt for your body.


The facts:

Mass-produced table salt is processed and loses so much of its natural mineral content, that iodine is added back in, as well as anti-caking agents. The so-called 'raw', unprocessed salts (Cornish Sea Salt is one) hang on to the all-important minerals that are hugely beneficial to human health.

Cornish Sea Salt is harvested from such a special geological location that it retains more than 60 natural minerals that cling on to the sodium chloride and stay there.

The most important of these are potassium, magnesium and calcium, vital to human wellbeing. We all know why we need calcium but magnesium and potassium are less understood.

For the wellbeing of nerves and cells, to muscles and regulating blood sugar levels, even influencing sleep and anxiety, magnesium is essential for our bodies, yet one of the commonest mineral deficiencies in modern life. Potassium helps to regulate the level of fluids in the body and ensures correct functioning of the heart. Neither are optional for a healthy life.

Myth busting:

We should all be watching our salt intake. Yes, on one level, that's true, but it is estimated that only 15% of the salt we consume comes from what we add ourselves and the rest from processed foods. Put simply: add as much of the right salt into your own cooking, but keep an eye on salt that has already been sneaked into pre-prepared foods.

If you’re still worried about salt intake then we have some good news about Cornish Sea Salt: the mineral profiling is so - well - salty, that you can use up to 30% less and still get the same saltiness as other salts on the market.

Chef and restaurateur Mark Hix celebrates Cornish Sea Salt as, "British sea salt at its best. The fresh, clean and intense flavour means you can use less than other brands."

We're not just tasty we're healthy too and once you get in touch with your salts by pinching rather than pouring, you'll have a much greater appreciation for one of the most vital elements of the human diet.

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