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Our combi sets are a great introduction to the huge versatility and creativity of salt in cooking.

We’ve captured the freshness and purity of the Atlantic Ocean in our pots of Cornish Sea Salt Original Crystals.

Our Cornish Sea Salt Flakes are beautiful microscopic pyramids, full of a mineral-rich zestiness, that are soft and melting on the palate.

Using a range of gourmet ingredients carefully blended with Cornish Sea Salt, our range of flavoured salts inspire and transform even the humblest home cooked food.

We know taste and style, colour and quality are what you are looking for and that’s why we’ve selected a range of salt-related products as gift ideas for the food lover in your life (or an excuse to treat yourself!).

Our range of superfood seaweed salts harnesses the taste of the ocean and the nutritional value of seaweed, giving you both a burst of umami flavour and a huge health kick from the planet’s most powerful food.

We’re really excited that our new sister brand Living Sea Therapy has launched using our Cornish Sea Salt ingredient along with The Cornish Seaweed Company as the key ingredients.