Seaweed Seasonings

Seaweed Sea Salt - 60g

Two giants of the sea come together to make this one of our most flavoursome salts. A high glutamate content gives seaweed a natural ‘umami’ buzz and with a blend of 25% sugar kelp seaweed and 75% sea salt, just a sprinkle is enough to tantalize your taste buds. Our seaweed and Sea Salt duo deliver a mineral, zesty savoury richness straight from the depths of the sea, seeped in essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

(This product was previously called Savoury Umami)

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Sugar Kelp.


*We don't believe in waste, so you may receive previous style packaging with fresh contents.


Pinch tips

  • Use a pinch to top eggs: scrambled, boiled, poached or fried
  • Adds a different flavour to salads and soups
  • A natural ally for fish and seafood
  • Combine with buttery mash for extra vitamins and taste
  • Lovely in pasta sauce, especially seafood
  • If you’re feeling brave – great with squid ink risotto for extra salty bite