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Cornish Sea Salt

Smoked Sea Salt - 50g

We’ve bottled the mellow, flame-grilled taste of an open fire in every pinch of our Smoked Sea Salt. Two simple ingredients speak for themselves: sea salt and smoke (using specialist cherry and apple wood). The natural freshness of salt combined with a subtle barbecue tang has a transformative effect on food, intensifying savouring flavours and adding an unexpected twist to desserts. It’s the sophisticated umami taste and the sheer exciting versatility of this product that makes it one of our most popular.

Our 50g pot is perfectly sized to take centre stage on your dining table or to pack up with a picnic.



Pinch tips

  • Transform the hearty taste of winter stews and soups with a simple scrunch of summer barbecue flavour
  • Rub into meat and fish and scrunch into pork rind for a fantastic flavoured pork crackling
  • Delicious scattered onto sweets from caramel ice cream to buttered popcorn, chocolate fudge to grilled peaches
  • Slather onto buttered veg such as corn on the cob
  • Use as a finisher on potatoes or pasta
  • Great with fresh tomato salad or scrunched onto avocado flesh
  • Pair up with cocktails – especially for an extra impressive Bloody Mary or margarita!