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Cornish Sea Salt

Seaweed Flakes - 18g

We believe so passionately in the flavours of the sea that our Savoury Seaweed Flakes are just that: seaweed. We’ve crammed 25% dulse, 25% nori, 25% wakame and 25% sea lettuce into one pot. A handful of our hand harvested flakes not only lends a salty hint and a delicate richness to dishes but the greens and purples look great as a finishing garnish. Seaweed is fast becoming a super food and we’ve made it super easy for you simply to sprinkle.


*We don't believe in waste, so you may recieve previous style packaging with fresh contents.


Pinch tips

  • Makes a great savoury seaweed butter
  • Use to top grilled mushrooms
  • Lovely with grilled scallops to subtly enhance the flavour of the sea
  • Sprinkle into pasta sauces
  • Mix with parmesan and breadcrumbs to top dishes as a finishing garnish and for extra taste
  • For a real health boost of greens – blend a dessertspoon in your morning smoothie