Seaweed Seasonings

Fiery Umami - 40g

Shake up the food cupboard and try a new and exotic taste experience. Black and pink peppercorns, chilli, seaweed and, of course, sea salt, come together in one of our most exciting (and pretty) pinch salts that create a deep depth of flavour that draw out incredible flavour in meat, fish and vegetables. But it’s not just about looking and tasting good, this blend packs a real health kick too – the mineral goodness of seaweed and sea salt plus the antioxidants and vitamin C of chilli peppers.

(This product was previously called Fiery Sea Pepper)


*We don't believe in waste, so you may receive previous style packaging with fresh contents.


Pinch tips

  • Adds depth to winter stews, especially beef
  • Great paired with a rich soup such as butternut squash
  • Makes a stunning garnish
  • Use in Asian cuisine, such as stir fries
  • Create a hot and spicy salad with a sprinkle or two
  • If you ‘re feeling really adventurous, add to chocolate sauces or even brownies!