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Making waves in skincare


Our little secret is finally out! We’re really excited to be part of Living Sea Therapy along with The Cornish Seaweed Company, a brand new range of skin care products that harnesses the restorative powers of the ocean in 12 different treatments for bath, body, hand and feet.

Since forever, humankind has flocked to the sea for rest, cure and therapy. The sea makes everything better. But what if you could bottle up that salty goodness, that healthy seaside glow, the refreshing sensation of seawater? Well that’s exactly what Living Sea Therapy has achieved. You can now bathe, moisturise, scrub up, polish and glow using potent sea-based ingredients, including our very own sea salt.

The real secret to the range is the Living Sea Complex, a unique brew of wild seaweed extracts and sea minerals, all harvested from pure Cornish waters. Added to this is Cornish Sea Salt which contains over 60 minerals, including the naturally hydrating and detoxifying properties of magnesium and potassium. And finally, each pot and bottle captures the defensive properties of seaweed, such as vitamins and amino acids, which enable the algae to thrive in a harsh environment . The result? Complete nourishment and rejuvenation for the whole body.

But science and sea aside, what does that actually mean in terms of real benefits for your body? Well here’s just a few of the advantages that Living Sea Therapy can give: the removal of toxins, exfoliation and renewal of skin cells,  replenishment of minerals in the skin, improvement in the elasticity of skin,  calming benefits of magnesium, lithium and bromine, as well as the anti-ageing and cellulite reducing properties of anti-oxidants.

Behind the health and beauty benefits of the new range however, is a more serious message. Not only  are our own harvesting methods wholly sustainable, but the gentle foraging and diving techniques of our sister company The Cornish Seaweed Co. also show a deep respect for the environment. The sea is precious to us and we aim to keep it as pristine as we can and that’s why Living Sea Therapy support the Blue Marine Foundation by donating 1% of every pack sold to a charity that aims to solve the crisis of our oceans by creating more marine reserves and sustainable fishing methods.

We’re hugely proud of all the hard work and scientific research from experts that has gone into filling each pot and each bottle with the best of our Cornish waters. Enough chat, it’s time to make like a mermaid and have a long salty soak in the bath, now where are those sea salts?!