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Serve your salt fresh

Unlike industrial table salts, artisan salts can’t linger indefinitely at the back of the cupboard. With the addition of anti-caking agents, a table salt may well live to old age, but a raw salt needs a bit more love and respect.

Part of the mastery and appreciation of a raw salt is not only understanding how good it tastes, but how to preserve the moisture and mineral goodness of a completely natural product.

We believe that salt as good as ours should be stored and showcased properly. Not only do we use our airtight signature pots, but we’ve created a range of salt pigs to bring Cornish Sea Salt out of the cupboard and onto your table.

Like everything we do, our pinch pots and salt pigs have been designed with the sea in mind: white on the outside with a flash of ocean blue on the inside. Our larger salt pig has a lid for extra freshness when cooking, or keep it small scale with a cute pinch pot for seasoning at the table.

Keeping salt fresh is key. Sounds silly, especially as salt has historically been used to keep other foods fresh, but our sea salt is moist and we want it to stay that way.

Only put a small amount of sea salt out on the table for use as a condiment (a pinch pot is ideal) and top up when necessary. The rest should be kept in an airtight container (like our airtight signature pots or salt pig).

If you are storing sea salt by the oven for use during cooking then either invest in a sealed salt pig or put the salt in an airtight container.

Do not store salt in a pepper grinder thinking that salt can be ground in the same way as pepper, it can’t. It is wet and if it comes into contact with metal, some of the metal may leach into the salt.

If salt does become dry, it will be brittle and lose its lustre. Selmelier Mark Bitterman recommends adding about a teaspoon of water for every 8 ounces of salt in a glass jar and stir with something like a wooden chopstick a few times before resealing for six hours.