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Salt… a vital ingredient.

Salt is a vital part of our diet. Like most animals we evolved in the sea and use the salt in sea water to keep our bodies in balance. Salt ions allow the cells and nerve endings to operate, carrying signals and allowing the flow of water in and out of the cells. Not enough salt can lead to fatigue and can lead to brain swelling in entirely the wrong sort of way!

But like everything, too much of a good thing is never good for you. That’s why we’re all advised to stick to around 6g of salt a day. Salt has had plenty of bad press, but recent studies point the finger at table salts and the sort of salt you get in processed food. These salts are stripped of all their natural goodness leaving just Sodium Chloride and the chemical residues of the process. They don’t have all the minerals and trace elements in them like magnesium, calcium and potassium which all occur naturally in sea salt and help regulate your body fluids. Studies have shown that the mineral profile of natural sea salts (like Cornish Sea Salt) are in balance with the body’s own natural salinity. So if you’re worrying about the amount of salt you have in your diet, then consider switching to Cornish Sea Salt – you’ll find you use less salt as it’s tastier, but you’ll also be giving your body some of those important minerals it needs!