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New Year, New Style

If you follow us on Instagram or shop at Sainsbury’s you may have already seen our gorgeous new flavour pot designs which…drum roll….will be available via our website too.  We just need to use up the previous packaging first as we hate waste.

Together with our awesome designer Design by Chanel we’ve given our core sea salt range and flavoured sea salts, now known as the Simple Seasoning range, a makeover.

These little beauties are superb ingredients cheats, we’ve chopped and roasted the garlic, peeled the lemon, de-seeded chilis and dived to the bottom of the Cornish sea to hand harvested seaweed.  All the work has been done for you, you just need the ideas.

We like the new look A LOT, and so we caught up with person behind the illustrations – illustrator Melanie Chadwick, to hear more about what makes her day tick.