Meet the team: Salt house engineer Max Long


What’s your role at Cornish Sea Salt?

I’m an engineer at the salt factory so my day to day involves looking after the machinery. If anything’s going to go wrong, it’s usually the pumps. Sea water is really corrosive and aggressive to metal so I have to keep an eye on the pumps and we replace parts regularly.

How did you get into salt?

I started with Cornish Sea Salt as an apprentice three years ago. I saw that they were looking and I was curious about how salt was made. I went over to have a look at the process and it was so interesting. I studied at Cornwall College in St Austell for my engineering qualification while I worked with the team at the same time.

What’s it like working in the salt house?

We’re right next to the sea so winters can be a little rough! There’s been a couple of times when the road down to the factory has washed away and we call the landlord who comes down in his tractor and rebuilds it! In summer though the views are amazing and you can see Falmouth across the bay. There’s a popular fishing spot on the rocks about 100ft from the factory and in the summer there’s often someone there fishing. A couple of the salt harvesters are into their fishing and they go down sometimes as well.

What’s your favourite flavour to use at home?

We keep it simple and mainly use the classic flake. We try not to use too much salt in our cooking and the sea salt flakes really gives it a kick so you don’t need much. They’re an absolute necessity on chips.

Are you into your cooking?

I do most of the cooking in my house and we love Japanese food. My sister had a Japanese boyfriend and he got us all addicted to Japanese flavours. I love cooking ramen, often with pork belly or a nice Asian-inspired curry.

What’s your favourite spot to eat out in Cornwall?

You can’t go wrong with a trip to Hubbox and they have Cornish Sea Salt shakers on their tables now! We also like going to Boo Koos in Falmouth for a proper burger.

What do you do in your spare time?

My partner and I are really into our gaming! We love fantasy RPG and video games in general and at the moment we’re playing a lot of Gear of War and Dark Souls. I also spend some time tinkering with my car. I’ve done all the classic things like putting a big exhaust on it. It’s a 2L turbo 250 horsepower petrol Astra Van. I’m a bit of a boy racer at heart!

What’s the best thing about Cornwall?

I moved down when I was 13 so at first I was pretty grumpy about moving away from all my mates. I don’t think I’d leave now though.