Meet the team: Export Queen Suzanne Skerry


What’s your role at Cornish Sea Salt?
I am one of the company Directors and I head up supermarket sales and export sales at Cornish Sea Salt.

What part of the job do you enjoy the most?
I love the trade shows – meeting all our fabulous international distributors and buyers old and new. Our network of distributors is an extension to our very own sales team – I love it when they become as passionate about Cornish Sea Salt as we are. A lot of day to day business is over email or phone. Actually meeting our customers face to face is the part I really enjoy. I remember when Cornish Sea Salt started exporting seven years ago – it was after SIAL – the large international B2B food show in Paris. That gave us a huge kick start in internationalising the business.

Is the public perception around sea salt and healthy eating changing?
There is much more awareness today about the health benefits and much better taste you get from using sea salts compared to table salts. So more and more consumers are buying into the category of premium salts – both sea salt and rock salt. Chefs on TV are using premium salts more and more and this is having an influence on many households . The sea salt category is growing at 13% each year and this is the ONLY salt in the category to be in growth. Other salts, eg table salts, are in decline. Another great statistic is that over the last 12 months 25% of households in the UK bought into the sea salt category. Healthy eating , a rise in scratch cooking , celebrity chefs on TV and key influencers using premium salts have all played a part in growing the category.

Do you have a favourite sea salt to use at home? If so, what’s your salty recipe?
I have to say, my favourite has to be the Flakes. I love the flavour and texture, they finish any dish. I lived in Italy for ten years and used to watch Italian grannies cooking. Now I cook so much Italian food. I’m yet to find a better combination than a pinch of Cornish Sea Salt Flakes sprinkled over a fresh Caprese salad. I also love experimenting with our Simple Seasonings blends. With two teenagers in the house any simple cheats are welcomed, and Spatchcock Chicken with a sprinkle of our newest Lemon Pepper Cornish Sea Salt is a definite family favourite.

What do you do to relax?
Well despite all the flying around I do for work, I am not put off at all and I love to travel. I have a very long bucket list and have got so many places I really want to see and explore. I love the sun and most of my holidays are in warmer climes. When I am not exploring the world I love spending time with the family – husband, two daughters and two spaniels. We love going for walks on Sundays.

What part of Cornwall do you find the most beautiful?
One of my favourite places we often take the dogs to is Lerryn. I love it for the wooded valleys, unspoilt Cornish scenery, and the show of bluebells is just stunning in spring. I also really love Fowey – it has a continental vibe to it – the cafés, bars, little boutiques and walk to Readymoney Cove.