10 reasons to love Cornish Sea Salt


We're 10 years old this year, so to celebrate we've put together 10 brilliant reasons to love Cornish Sea Salt....

1. The Water
Cornish Sea Salt is the only British sea salt company using Grade A water as its only ingredient. The beautiful Cornish coastline provides the beautiful clear-blue field that makes our salt so delicious.

2. Hand-Harvested
All our sea salt is hand-harvested just metres from the Atlantic shore line. We’re passionate about what we bring to your table, so only the best water and harvesting methods will do.

3. Location, Location, Location
The geographical location on the beautiful Cornish coast provides a unique mineral profile that boasts over 60 vital minerals, making our sea salt as special as the county that we call home

4. Health
Due to this abundance of minerals that make up our crystals and flakes, Cornish Sea Salt is naturally lower in sodium, making it a much healthier choice than your average processed table salt.

5. Less is More
With Cornish Sea Salt just a small pinch will deliver a whole bunch of flavour. You’ll need a lot less salt for a more intense flavour and seasoning experience. 

6. Nothing More; Nothing Less
Nothing is added to Cornish Sea Salt, and nor is anything taken away. Its' rich and unique density of minerals means the sea has done everything for us, we just hand-harvest it & bring it straight to your kitchen!

7. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Did you know you can use our pots time and time again? Once you’ve used up all your salt don’t throw your old sea salt pot away- make new use of it storing soups & stocks in the freezer, fill them with toasted seeds to keep on your desk for a tasty & nutritious snack, or even reuse them as emergency Prosecco glasses like our friends below! The possibilities are endless.

8. Do It Like the Chefs Do!
Some of the nation’s favourite chefs use Cornish Sea Salt in their cooking, including Nathan Outlaw & Tom Kerridge; if it’s good enough for them, right?!

9. It’s About More Than Just Food, Though…
Ever thought about what all that goodness could do your skin? Our sister company, Living Sea Therapy, harvest a mineral-rich elixir that harnesses the power of the sea and provides a treasure trove of benefits to revitalise your skin. So you can feel amazing from the inside out!

10. A Sea Salt for all Your Cooking Needs
Whether you prefer a crystal or a flake, we’ve got you covered. And our range of flavoured sea salt flakes will take your seasoning to another level and enhance your cooking to be the tastiest it can be. Check out our recipes for inspiration!