All Salt is Not Born Equal


The team at Cornish Sea Salt are self-confessed salt geeks and created a Salt Geek Guide to showcase how all salt is not born equal and the science behind what makes Cornish Sea Salt such a great product for your cooking and your health.

Our bodies need different minerals, nutrients and electrolytes to function, and one of the indicators that life on earth began in the sea is the fact that our bodies have the same mineral composition as seawater. Too much salt can of course be bad for your health, but salts are also an essential nutrient, for example helping your
body take on water which is why they often appear in sports drinks or re-hydration sachets.

Philip Tanswell, Managing Director at Cornish Sea Salt and Chief Salt Geek says: “The issue with heavily processed salts is that they strip away the naturally occurring minerals that are good for the body.

“Pure sodium chloride is what you get with processed table salts but sodium chloride is not designed to be consumed by humans on its own. Sodium and potassium naturally occur together, so while sodium increases blood pressure, potassium naturally lowers it. Reducing salt to pure sodium chloride isn’t how it’s supposed to be consumed and what’s more, it doesn’t taste as good!”

Research conducted by Plymouth University shows Cornish Sea Salt has 13.3% less sodium than table salts. Table salts are 98% sodium chloride while Cornish Sea Salt is 84.75% sodium chloride with the rest made up of essential, naturally occurring trace minerals. Cornish Sea Salt is sourced from Grade A waters, eight metres from the stunning shoreline of the Lizard Peninsula.

Beneath the beauty of the landscape, Cornwall has a totally unique geological environment which defines the taste of Cornish Sea Salt and its high mineral content. Cornish Sea Salt contains over 60 natural and essential nutrients and minerals. These help your body and mind to function, and include calcium for healthy teeth and bones, magnesium which aids muscle and nerve function, and potassium which helps to replace essential minerals and electrolytes.

The combination of these minerals and nutrients means our salt really packs a punch, bringing out a better quality of flavour and as a result, meaning you need less salt for the same impact.

Philip says: “Our salt is hand harvested in our eco-friendly salt house and the unique mineral profile from our Cornish waters delivers a salt with zing, zest and sweetness for your cooking.

"Whether you prefer to sprinkle a subtle flake or a crystal crunch is personal taste!"

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